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A perfect combination of carbs, electrolytes and vitamins that are clinically proven to improve athletic performance.


Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans keep your body fueled during intense exercise

Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans are formulated to help fuel the body during intense exercise. Clinically proven to maximize sports performance, each bean is loaded with carbs for fuel, electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and vitamins to optimize energy release and protect cells against oxidative damage. Flavored with real fruit juices and other natural flavors, they come in a convenient resealable bag that you will love.

Clinically Proven to Improve Athletic Performance

  • Carbohydrates to fuel your body during intense activity
  • Electrolytes (sodium and potassium) vital for maintaining fluid balance
  • Vitamins B1, B2, & B3 to help burn carbohydrates and fat
  • Vitamin C to protect muscles and cells against oxidative damage

Published Research

Sport beans performed as well as gels and sport drinks in a simulated 10K cycle race following an endurance ride, and significantly better than water alone.

Summary of the study:

  • 16 healthy non-smoking, male and female cyclists and triathletes participated in the study and varied between the ages of 23 and 45.
  • The participants completed a series of four 10-kilometer time trials while ingesting one of three different kinds of carbohydrate supplements (including Sport Beans) or water alone.
  • The athletes achieved 32-38 second faster times in the trial with Sport Beans rather than water alone.
  • In addition, the athletes completed the time trials with the highest average "power output" with Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans.
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Reference: Campbell C., Prince D., Braun M., Applegate E., & Casazza G.A.
Carbohydrate-Supplement Form and Exercise Performance. International Journal Spot Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 18:179-190, 2008